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Indonesia ranks 90th in global talent competitiveness

18/01/2017 | 11:24 GMT+7

Indonesia ranks 90th in global talent competitiveness  (Photo: Jakartaglobe)
Jakarta (VNA) – Indonesia scored 36.81 points in the Global Talent Competitiveness Index (GTCI) 2017 and placed 90th out of 118 countries, the Jakartaglobe website reported on January 17.

Indonesia scored better than India which came 92nd in the index. Its neighboring country Singapore scored 74.09 points, second place globally, behind Switzerland, and Malaysia took 28th with 56.41 points.

According to the report, Indonesia's ability to compete for the best talent and grow its skilled workforce has stagnated relative to its regional peers.

The report said Indonesia "has a long way to go" in terms of cultivating talent to support its growth amid a shift in the global economy led by rapid advancement in machines and technology.

Technology and machines will inevitably replace some workforces, so countries like Indonesia need to "rethink" their growth models and invest in workforce skills improvement, the report said.

On the positive side, the report noted that a high-skilled workforce is increasingly desired by Indonesian business leaders, opening up the possibility of developing a skilled labour force.

The report found that most high-ranking countries are developed and high-income European countries.

GTCI measures how countries grow, attract and retain talent and provide resources for government, investors and employers to make better policies and decisions.

The index drew data from public sources, such as the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation, the World Bank's the World Governance Indicators and the Doing Business Report and the World Economic Forum’s Executive Opinion.

This year's report highlighted the effects of technological disruption on talent competitiveness. It was published by the Business School for the World in cooperation with the global staffing firm Adecco Group and Singapore-based educational consultant Human Capital Leadership Institute.-VNA


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